Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Meet Stella Sanchez, Founding Zymbologist
Last month we opened enrollment for people to join our family as a Zymbologist. The response has been better than we anticipated and we are thrilled to hear some success stories coming in from our founding members!

Each month we will put the spotlight on a Zymbologist that has grown their business and made a positive impact on the world.

First up, Stella Sanchez.

Stella was one of the first people to enroll and has hit the ground running. She held her 1st Show & Tell outside of Dallas where she did $1,048 in sales! The result? A big commission check for Stella and a TON of free jewelry for her Show & Tell host! Her successful launch party motivated her to sign up as a vendor at 3 upcoming events and she’s scheduled 2 more Show & Tells.      GO, STELLA, GO!!

After Speaking with Stella here are a few tips on how you can replicate her successful launch…

First, Stella reached out to her friends and found the perfect person to host her launch party. She worked closely with her host to invite as many people as possible.

Once the date was set Stella prepared for the show by personalizing the Zymbol Story into her Zymbol Story. This is key! A good story connects hearts, drives empathy and inspires action. As a Zymbologist your personal story will be a huge part of your business. Incorporate the story of Zymbol’s creation with why you decided to become a Zymbologist. Speak from the heart! What does your Zymbol represent to you? Do you change your message daily or wear Zymbol with one special meaning? Make sure to TRACE your message on the gift card to show people ‘how it works’.

After sharing your story encourage the group to talk about different messages their Zymbol could represent. Give them ideas - daily affirmations, mantras, names, dates, intentions, etc. Pass out gift cards and pens so everyone can TRACE a message.

Share any stories you have about personally gifting Zymbol to get them thinking about who to buy for. Since people of all ages and all walks of life wear Zymbol it could be anybody they know! Do they know someone with an upcoming birthday, wedding or another special occasion? Could Zymbol provide inspiration to a family member who’s going through a rough patch? Talking about our Buy + Give program and intention booklet is a great way to highlight that Zymbol is more than a piece of jewelry. 

The best way to get started is to GET STARTED! The more shows you do the better you’ll become at crafting your story. Remember, there are videos and PDF’s in the training center of your back office that go into more detail on how to set-up your first Show & Tell. If you have any questions reach out to your mentor or email

Stella has offered to answer any questions you have for her as well! Her email is:


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